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The Last of Us was an unparalleled achievement in gaming. Although not enough time has gone by for its inspirations to be fully felt, it’s as close to an instant classic as a game can get and will surely be remembered in the decades to come. Pushing the PS3 to its limits and looking like a next-gen game, The Last of Us is absolutely beautiful, drawing players in with its abandoned cityscapes and depictions of the wonder of nature. There’s multiple moments that have stuck in player’s minds long after experiencing it and it’s hard for it not to feel like a fine piece of art in that respect.

Not only was the gameplay immensely enjoyable (besides perhaps the Clickers), but it offered pacing unrivaled in video game storytelling. Unlike BioShock and many games of its ilk, it didn’t collapse in the finale and offered a wholly satisfying conclusion. Add to that excellent voice work, a stirring score and one of the all time best openings and you have the greatest game of the generation.

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