The Banner Saga Announces Its Release Date With A New Trailer

After blowing past its initial funding goal by a factor of 7.23, The Banner Saga grew into something that could never make its initial launch window of November 2012.  The story expanded, new features were added, and production values shot through the roof. They even released a standalone multiplayer game, The Banner Saga: Factions, and used player feedback to hone the Shining Force/Final Fantasy Tactics-style strategy gameplay.  There’s a lot of work that’s happened under the hood, but now the game is content complete and just needs final tuning to be released.  It’s still a couple of months away (SPOILER- 1/14/2014) but at least you can start the anticipation by watching the video below, taking particular note of the excellent character design, cut-scene animation, and area and positioning attacks in battle.