Get An Xbox One Just By Drinking A Slurpee (Maybe, But Probably Not)

Slurpee has partnered up with Microsoft to give away some free Xbox Ones to some lucky Slurpee drinkers out there. Although, I’m not sure if there is such a thing as an unlucky Slurpee drinker because if you have a Slurpee, you’ve kind of already won. Every day from now until January 2 you can enter for a chance to win an Xbox One by entering a code from a Slurpee here at this site. You can enter codes up to five times a day, but honestly if you were planning on doing it that frequently then make sure you call your family and tell them you love them before you die of brain freeze.

That means you can now win an Xbox by drinking a Slurpee, drinking some Mountain Dew, or eating Doritos. I’m beginning to suspect Microsoft has some sort of partnership with the American Dental Association. You never see apples trying to partner up with video game corporations to give away free consoles, and I am both relieved and mildly insulted. Stop ignoring us, healthy foods. We’ll eat rice cakes if it means a chance at a free video game console. If you don’t want to spend the money on delicious snacks for your chance to win, I’m fairly certain that by next week Microsoft will send you an Xbox One if you mail in three of your teeth. It is the next logical step.