Microsoft Sees Your PS4 Apartment, Sony, And Raises You A Freaking Hotel

Not to be confused with “The Freakin’ Hotel” which is a completely different thing and meant for mature audiences only. This is almost just as cool, however.

In case you missed it, last month Sony France opened up an apartment that was meant to show off the PS4 to journalists, industry insiders, and basically everyone besides Adam Sessler. They called it “Apartment 4” because Sony France used up all their creativity in the concept and had none left over for the name. It was a really interesting idea, with all the PS4 demos you could possibly want and all sorts of Sony specific decorations and imagery. You had the iconic PlayStation buttons worked into a lot of different items, the PlayStation logo everywhere, and decorative suits of armor and parrots. Sure, that might sound strange, but you probably are unaware of the classic French game “My Little Suit of Armor Can’t Be This Full of Parrots: Happy End“. Either that or Sony France just thought they looked cool, which we here at Hardcore Gamer fully agree with. Our offices have more suits of armor than they do people, which should come in handy if we are ever invaded by a rival publication.

Microsoft France saw the apartment and thought it was cute, then went the Monopoly route and built a hotel to crush the competition. In France right now is an entire Xbox One themed hotel set up by Microsoft France that will stay open for the entire month of November. What makes an Xbox One hotel different than your normal, run of the mill standard hotel? Well, first off they will absolutely not let you share a room with someone, unless PS4 Hotel decides they will let people share rooms, at which point Xbox One Hotel will immediately revise their policy and pretend it never happened. More seriously, there are all sorts of Xbox One demo kiosks so you can get your hands on the games early. Everything in the hotel is Xbox One themed, from the key cards to the menus, and you can take a peak below thanks to some shots Twitter users uploaded. Try to ignore the fact that the Ryse themed room looks like it is moments away from being the scene of a ritualistic sacrifice and I think we can all agree this looks pretty spiffy, if entirely pointless.