Level-5 to Release Wonderflick Later this Month on Smartphones, Consoles to Follow Next Year

In case you missed the news, Level-5 is kind of a big deal in the JRPG community. In fact, their works are among the genre’s very best, with titles such as Ni no Kuni, Dragon Quest VIII and Rogue Galaxy acting as mere highlights in the studio’s 15-year, 70+ game library. With that being said, a few months back when the company announced that they were hard at work on their next RPG endeavor, Wonderflick, the masses residing in the roleplaying game space lit up with joy, excited at what the famed developer had in store for their next big outing. Then came the news of what Wonderflick would actually be: a free-to-play RPG, available on seven platforms. Now, it wasn’t this multi-platform approach that disappointed fans; no, it was the fact that the game would be arriving on mobile devices first, and seemed to be pandering to a more casual, mobile-centric market in general. At least, that was the knee-jerk reaction. Needless to say, hardcore gamers (no pun intended, mind you), let out a collective sigh at the thought of what would probably only become a subpar, microtransaction-laden iOS and Android game.

But then as folks dove a little deeper into what all the title would consist of, they saw that the devil is indeed in the details. Despite its seemingly smartphone-esque conventions, when evaluated under the proverbial microscope, Wonderflick looks to be very different from the typical mobile experience. In fact, it looks to be a wonderful JRPG. Firstly, the title is said to boost 1,000 hours of gameplay (that wasn’t a typo — I intentionally wrote one-thousand) that can be played three minutes at a time. Secondly, not only does it sport a beautiful, endearing aesthetic, it also features deep customization options and combat that looks engaging and action-oriented all around. With a plot that only Level-5 can deliver, Wonderflick certainly looks to be serving up more than just the run-of-the-mill mobile shovelware.

Better still is the fact that all save data can be transferred from any platform to another. So, folks can begin their excursions on their iPhone and end it on their PS4. This level of interconnectivity really should be looked at as a benchmark for devs wanting to incorporate on-the-go accessibility with the ways of console gaming. Nevertheless, as mentioned, WonderFlick will be released on seven platforms altogether: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, Wii U, iOS and Andoid. The two smartphone releases will hit the market later this month, while the others are due out sometime in 2014.

It would be nigh criminal to not at least give Wonderflick a look-see, if JRPGs are within your gaming parameters. So we’ve included a gameplay trailer below to allow you to do just that. Watch it. Love it. Play it. The end.