Target Black Friday Ad Released

With Black Friday only 11 days away, it’s easy to get a bit nervous about deals when not all the ads are out in the wild. Target’s ad was released today. There aren’t a ton of amazing gaming deals, but getting a 3DS XL for $150 is a solid savings. For $10, you can get Just Dance 3, Monster High, CoD 4: MW, or Max Payne 3. $15 deals include GTA IV Complete, Wreck-It Ralph and Angry Birds Star Wars on the 3DS (making the latter only $14 more expensive than it is on mobile devices). $25 deals are Black Ops 2, Nickelodeon TMNT, Just Dance Kids 2014, Marvel Super Heroes on the 3DS, and Splinter Cell Blacklist. $35 gets you newer games like Battlefield 4, Batman Arkham: Origins, Madden 25, FIFA 14, and WWE 2K14. Buying either CoD: Ghosts, Just Dance 2014, or Mario and Luigi Dream Team gets you a $10 gift card, while buying AC IV: Black Flag gets you a $20 gift card. Camo 360 and PS3 pads are $40.

As far as bigger items go, $190 gets you a 4GB 360, a Kinect, Kinect Sports S2 and Kinect Adventures – a savings of $110 that is kind of negated when you factor in buying a giant 360 HDD. $50 gets you a Disney Infinity Starter Pack. The biggest sorta-gaming surprise is getting a $75 gift card with the purchase of any iPad Mini, or a $100 one for any full-sized iPad – including the new Air, which will be $479 – $20 less than usual. A sorta-$380 iPad Air is very tempting, as its bleeding-edge tech for a huge savings right after release. It’s a shame there aren’t any PS4/Xbox One deals, but that’s not too surprising given how new they’ll be come BF. It’s worth noting that there are also no deals for Wii U games, which really makes the system feel like an afterthought.