Bravely Default Gets a North American Release Date, Launch Trailer and a Collector’s Edition

So in the only bit of news that should matter to people today, it was announced during the Big N’s Nintendo Direct that Bravely Default is coming to North America early next year. In fact, players can expect to get their grubby little paws on the wonderfully nostalgic roleplaying game from developer Square Enix on February 7, 2014. While some will arguably groan at yet another 3DS title coming to the States a full two months after its European launch, many of us are just breathing a sigh of relief that we’re getting the game at all.

Bravely Default certainly has built hype for itself, despite not being mentioned by Nintendo of America until just a few short months ago. But there’s a good reason for why it’s been able to gather steam without even so much as a mere marketing campaign: it’s the game that JRPG connoisseurs have been clamoring for for years. It’s decidedly old school in certain mechanics, and yet forward-thinking in others. To put it plainly, it’s a throw-back to a golden era of Japanese RPGs, but not to the point of being irrelevant by today’s standards.

Having said that, along with news of a release date, a collector’s edition for the game was also unveiled today. While it pales in comparison to the deluxe CE that our friends across the Pond are getting, it’s nevertheless fantastic that we’re getting one in the first place. In our iteration of the collector’s edition, folks will be treated to a soundtrack, artbook and playing cards. (Yes, yes, let out a huff of frustration at the absence of that sweet, sweet figurine of Agn├Ęs the Europeans are getting.) Check out an image of the set, along with the game’s boxart (which, low and behold, was revealed as well this morning) here.

To round out the proverbial package, Nintendo dropped us a new trailer of the game, as a way to satiate our appetites until February rolls around. It’s below, which means you should check it out. It screams awesome, and if you don’t think so, then I pity you.