Check Out Ten New Things to do in Super Mario 3D World

A four minute trailer was released today for Super Mario 3D World that quite simply shows ten new things that can be done in the game. Of course, besides getting viewers acquainted with the upcoming Wii U title, tons of new gameplay is shown. As a word of caution, the video contains some spoilers.

Here’s a full list of the ten things with descriptions for those too lazy to watch the video:

  1. Touchscreen & Microphone Gameplay
  2. Golden Express Stage (catch a ride on a golden train overflowing with coins)
  3. Captain Toad Levels (collect 5 stars in a puzzloing 3D world without juming)
  4. Speed Run Levels (rush to the end with the clock set to 100)
  5. Mystery Houses (complete rapid-fire challenges)
  6. Motley Boss Blob (take on a giant boss as an ever-growning army of clones)
  7. Top-Down Shooter Stage (cut down waves of enemies in an old-school shooter level)
  8. Kart-Style Stage (dash to the finish Mario Kart style)
  9. Unlockable Bonus Game (If you have New Super Luigi U game data, you acn play Luigi Bros out of the box)
  10. Unlockable 5th Character (Play as Rosaline from Super Mario Galaxy and use her spin attack)