It’s Official: 3DS Outsells Nintendo 64

While the Wii U seems to be caught in perpetual struggle, it’s easy to forget how successful the 3DS has become for Nintendo. Although it got off to a slow start thanks to its high price, soft launch and Pilotwings/Steel Diver, the three-dimensional device has quickly become the dominant handheld. How successful, however, we didn’t realize until it was blatantly pointed out on NeoGAF for us.

During N64s lifespan, 32,930,000 units were shipped to retailer. In just over two years, 34,980,000 3DS units have been shipped to retailers, making the 3DS hardware officially more plentiful than N64, one of Nintendo’s most memorable consoles. It’s important to note that it has sold only half of the software that the ’90s console did, gaming was different back then and handhelds tend to always move more units than consoles, but given that the handheld has only been on the market a few years, it’s an important milestone that puts into perspective how far the 3DS has come.

For those curious, here’s the list of lifetime hardware shipments for the 3DS:

1) DS: 153,960,000 units shipped
2) GB + GBC: 111,869,000 units shipped
3) Wii: 100,300,000 units shipped
4) GBA: 81,510,000 units shipped
5) NES: 61,910,000 units shipped
6) SNES: 49,100,000 units shipped
7) 3DS: 34,980,000 units shipped
8) N64: 32,930,000 units shipped
9) GC: 21,740,000 units shipped
10) Wii U: 3,910,000 units shipped
11) Virtual Boy: ~1,260,000 units shipped