LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Is No Longer An Xbox One Launch Title

Sorry Xbox One adopters.  If you were hoping to pick up LEGO Marvel Super Heroes on your new console you’ll be sorely disappointed.  Warner Bros. has confirmed that the latest title in the LEGO video game franchise will not be launching on Xbox One like it was originally supposed to.

This was confirmed by the publisher to MCV.  “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is coming to next-gen consoles, but the game will not be releasing on the Xbox One console on November 22.

“We will provide a release date for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes on Xbox One as soon as possible.”

It’s rather odd that Warner Bros. would delay a game that was supposed to release in only one week.  What is even odder is that the PS4 version will not be facing the same delay in North America or Europe.  All other versions of the game were released back in October.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes takes place in the Marvel Universe where players can fly around a LEGO Manhattan Island and take control of over 100 different heroes and villains.  Reviews for the game have been very strong and surely would have made a great launch title for Xbox One.

We’ll keep you updated when Warner Bros. announces a release date for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes on Xbox One.