PS4 Launch Title ‘Super Motherload’ Gets Live Action Trailer, Full Soundtrack Released

With Killzone Shadow Fall and Knack dominating talk for PS4 retail games and Resogun doing the same for the console’s indie games, Super Motherload doesn’t seem like it’s getting much love, which is a shame because it actually looks quite good. A live action trailer was released for the game that… well it’s weird. Very weird. Apparently a team of Russians are in a drill until disaster strikes and insanity sets in. It’s actually a surprisingly well-made clip considering it’s based on a 2D indie game and there’s even a few chuckles to be had.

Additionally, the entire soundtrack was released for the multiplayer drill game for listening on YouTube. Coming from indie electronic artist and Grimes collaborator, Eric Cheng, it’s shockingly great and will surely prove to be a great selling point for the game.

Check both videos out below. Super Motherload is due out on November 15 alongside the PS4.