Ubisoft: PS4 Pre-Orders Are Higher Than Xbox One

Pre-order numbers have been a controversial topic for both Sony and Microsoft.  Analysts have been throwing around numbers making predictions about what console will end up on top.  Well, Ubisoft has thrown more gasoline over the fire.

In an earnings call yesterday, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said that PS4 pre-orders are currently higher than Xbox One.  However, he still remains positive about the console.

“Even if the PS4 is in front in terms of pre-orders, we see lots of improvement in the pre-orders that are coming on [Xbox One],” he said. “So no, we are not worried at all. We think it will be a big seller as well.”

Of course, pre-order numbers are never indicative of a console’s actual sales.  Both Sony and Microsoft are providing plenty of consoles for stores to stock their shelves with.  Plenty of people were unable to pre-order the consoles and will rush out to by either/or when they launch.  PS4 may have higher pre-order numbers, but who is to say that it won’t outsell the PS4?  Only time will tell.

PS4 is out November 15 in North America and November 29 in Europe across 32 countries.  Xbox One is out November 22 worldwide across 13 countries.