3DS Miiverse is Limited to Community Features

While many are eagerly awaiting the release of the 3DS Miiverse, it might not meet expectations. If you haven’t already noticed, 3DS screens of the Miiverse lack the message icon found on the Wii U version. This made xxbrothawizxx63 very curious, so they asked Nintendo what was going on.

According to the E-Mail (found below) they received, it seems the 3DS version will not have the ability to message friends, nor will it have the ability to send friend requests to other people. To make matters worse, it seems Nintendo doesn’t have plans to implement these features either. Now, this doesn’t mean all hope is lost, but it doesn’t paint an optimistic future either. Hopefully fan outcry will change this in the future, though only time will tell. jbnGznemdGTkiq-2