An Insomniac Intern Was Seriously Injured in a Car Accident and You Can Help with Her Recovery

Ana Kessel was fresh out of Full Sail University when she nabbed an internship with Insomniac games. Having grown a great passion for creating computer-generated art, this was the perfect start to her attempting to build a career in doing what she loved. But everything changed last Monday.

According to ABC 11, Kessel was struck by another driver while riding her scooter. Though a suspect has been caught, the driver who hit Kessel fled the scene. Since the tragic collision, Kessel has had her leg amputated, and will continue to undergo surgeries for the next few days. Losing any limb is, of course, a very difficult — and painful — thing to go through. But you have the power to make the difficult transition just a little bit easier for the aspiring artist.

Full Sail University is an incredibly expensive school, so Kessel already has quite a bit of a financial burden. But hospital bills are equally expensive. By donating to Kessel’s GoFundMe page, you can make the aspiring artist’s recovery a little bit easier, and — with any luck — help her get back to doing what she loves. You can check out her impressive demo-reel here.

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