David “The Vigilante” Vigil Needs Your Help to Survive Pancreatic Cancer

The gaming community has shown that crowdfunding can save a game, but now it has the chance to save a life. David Vigil crafted things inspired by Naughty Dog’s games and has stage two pancreatic cancer – he needs $48,000 in donations by November 18 in order to get it treated. A NeoGAF thread started by kubus has already raised nearly $2,000 so far, which is incredible. Donations can be made through his GoFundMe page and includes tiers where you can get decals, a coaster, clothing, a skate deck, or for $500, one of every single product available on his website. Purchases made via his site outside of the GoFundMe page will also go towards his treatment costs. David’s got quite a lofty goal to reach, and hopefully he can get what he needs for his treatment – or at least a hearty percentage of it. Even thought Naughty Dog has no official affiliation with them, Amy Hennig has tweeted about the cause and is trying to help out anyway she can.