Experience the NBA Live 14 Demo on November 19

On Tuesday, November 19 North American fans can experience the NBA Live 14 demo on next-gen consoles. This fully loaded demo includes several game modes, including bite-sized BIG Moments challenges, Tip-Off and even some Fantasy Showdowns in LIVE Ultimate Team.

This all starts with one of the five challenges in the BIG Moments mode. These challenges range from beating the buzzer to full-quarter challenges with some of the most impressive players/teams this year!

If challenges aren’t your thing, you can get the full-game experience in Tip-Off mode. Here you can control the New York Knicks, Oklahoma City Thunder, Cleveland Cavaliers or Golden State Warriors and lead your team to victory. In addition to that, the demo will utilize the power of CourtQ and Synergy Sports, which will update the rosters, ratings and tendencies of every teams/players in the demo.

To finish things off, you can test out the Live Ultimate Team mode. In this mode, you get to take on a series of Fantasy Challenges with some very impressive Ultimate Teams. Here you get to take control of John Wall, Ricky Rubio, Victor Oladipo, Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker and Damian Lillard and test your skills with a series of thrilling match ups.

Finally for those of you living in other countries, the demo will be available worldwide on November 22 for the Xbox One and November 29 for the PlayStation 4.