Humble Bundle Weekly Sale Discounts BitComposer Games

This week’s Humble Weekly sale is a must if you’ve ever enjoyed the work of BitComposer Games. You can pay what you want for Jagged Alliance: Classics – a 4-pack, Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers, Galaxy on Fire 2: Full HD, and Thunder Wolves. Those who pay $6 or more can get Jagged Alliance: Crossfire and Expeditions: Conquistador as well. Everything included in the bundle activates via Steam except for Jagged Alliance: Classics, and like all humble sales, you can choose to send your money to the devs, to charity, to the folks behind the humble sales, or split the money across all of them however you want. This bundle gives you a mix of helicopter shooting, space-shooting, dogfighting, and strategy gaming – and should tickle the fancy of fans of those genres.