PS4 Content is Live on the North American SEN Shop

While most of you are still standing in line for your taste of the next generation of gaming, the Sony Entertainment Store has been updated with an abundance of PS4 content, including demos for Trine 2 and FIFA 14. It seems as if all PlayStation 4 games are listed along with an assortment of trailers, apps and season passes — all ready for purchase.

Meanwhile on yesterdays tech, the PS Store has yet to update with any PS4 related content, leaving PS3 owners in the dark (assuming they’ve never heard of the internet, that is). While it’s entirely possibly that an update is on its way, there’s also the possibility that Sony won’t bother considering PS4 content will not run on the PlayStation 3.

Sony has yet to update the PS+ games list for the PS4, but with the last generation of PlayStation only minutes behind us, and the inevitable flurry of content associated with a new launch, it’s no surprise that Sony has been staging their updates accordingly. Expect to see your free launch titles appear soon.