Suda51 on Bringing Future Games to Nintendo Platforms

Killer7 is one of Suda51’s most famed titles to date. Interestingly enough, despite many of his later works missing Nintendo platforms altogether, the GameCube version of K7 gained the most notoriety when put up against its PlayStation 2 counterpart. Nevertheless, despite Suda’s humble, Big N beginnings, a lot of his more recent titles haven’t shown up on a Nintendo system at all; Shadows of the Damned, Lollipop Chainsaw, Killer is Dead and Sine Mora all come to mind as games that found homes on consoles other than Nintendo-emblazoned ones. Of course, not all of his babies have found themselves in other places — the shoot ’em up Liberation Maiden was released on 3DS just last year, and of course the No More Heroes franchise earned its very reputation on the Wii.

Thus, when asked about the future of his work appearing on Nintendo platforms, he had this to say:

Yeah of course, it’s a possibility. I guess we haven’t really announced anything yet for Wii U, but for 3DS we had Liberation Maiden… consoles from Nintendo are always very important to us.

It would be wonderful to see Wii U get some of that very particular (and very peculiar) Suda51-love this coming generation. Perhaps his inventiveness could even make use of the GamePad in an interesting way — or at least in a way that’s more effective than what we’ve seen from most other developers’ attempts. Who knows. What we do know, however, is that we’d love to see Goichi get back to his Nintendo roots; after all, Killer7 and No More Heroes are the games that really put him on the map. And certainly, Nintendo consoles had a sizable part to play in all of that.