Among the Sleep Crawling Toward Spring 2014 Launch

It was earlier in the year that one of the most intriguing horror game projects in recent years was successfully funded via Kickstarter. In the age of throwing zombies into every horror game around, Among the Sleep took a different tactic. Krillbyte Studios’ project is based around players controlling a two year old child.

The biggest question with any Kickstarter success is when the game will finally come out. Among the Sleep’s reward tier suggested the game would be available in December 2013. As it turns out, that estimate was too soon. In a backer-only update, Krillbyte Studios shared a new release window: Spring 2014.

What do they need more time for? The studio simply wants to make the most streamlined game possible. Steam and GOG distribution talks are still underway as well. If you missed out on all the fuss around Among the Sleep then take a look at the free demo.