New Gameplay Footage and Alternate Costume Revealed for DOA’s Marie Rose

With three articles now in just a few days, I feel like I need to stop writing about Marie Rose or somebody is going to accuse me of something I don’t want to be accused of. On the other hand, she’s pretty awesome and who doesn’t love DOA? So let’s keep up the Marie Rose coverage.

A new off-screen video was posted today showing her in action for nearly four minutes, facing off against herself and showing off a new costume in the process. Those not into the whole “gothic lolita/french maid” thing can be relieved that they don’t have to experience her in a cutesy outfit. They can now experience her… in a blue skintight body suit with maid accents. Alright, so maybe they’re going the wrong direction here, but hey, this girl can kick some butt! She flies like a butterfly and sting like a hopefully of age bee.

Check out the video and the new screenshots below.

By the way, if the next article about her is posted under “Johnny Gamer,” it’s totally a new staff member and not me using a pseudonym.