The PS4 Will See Full Support From Pornhub

If there was one reason to throw in the towel and jump aboard the next-gen train, it would likely be the games. Sure, current gen consoles still have fabulous releases and a massive backlog of great titles ready for the bargain-bin, but it’s the scent of fresh electronics, promises of prettier graphics, and as Tim the Tool Man Taylor would grunt, “more power” that really entices me. Well, that and porn.

It was recently announced via a tweet from Pornhub that they will fully support the PlayStation 4. What perfect timing, too! I just had a TV and PS4 installed in my bathroom for such an occasion, because I don’t know about you, but I don’t live in a place where I can just relax with some porn in the living room.

Horny gamers should really be excited. The only thing left for the PlayStation to do is microwave Hot Pockets and there will be few reasons to leave the couch.