Japanese McDonald’s Get Some Nifty Mario Toys For Their Happy Meals

We’ve had to deal for years now while Japan got all the cool Club Nintendo rewards and we were stuck with lame posters and Mario themed toilet paper. But now Japan has gone too far. Starting November 22, Japanese McDonald’s will start distributing these awesome Mario toys in all their Happy Meals. Or “Happy Sets” as they are called in Japan, which is apparently just like a Happy Meal but with significantly better toys. Check out the lineup below.


I can’t read Japanese, so I am unable to translate what the captions are. I’m assuming it roughly translates to “Haha take that you awful Americans. Hope your children have fun playing with the loose twigs that come with their Happy Meal.” Again, I’m only like 85% sure that is what it says, so trust me at your own risk. All I know is that I want them, and I’d even be willing to eat McDonald’s to get them. I’ve come to grips that we will never get Club Nintendo rewards a tenth as good as yours Japan, but now you’re destroying us when it comes to Happy Meal toys as well? Fast food is our thing! Can’t we even have that?

More importantly, is there any way we can import these from Japan?