The Search For A Shiny Pokemon Just Got A Lot Easier

The hunt for shiny pokémon is not an easy one. With odds that reach into the thousands to one, even the most diehard Pokémon fan can go years without even seeing one shiny, let alone a shiny they may actually want.  Well there’s good news for the shiny Pokémon seekers out there, as there’s now a way to basically guarantee that you will get a shiny pokémon and it isn’t a game hack. Well for the most part anyways.

The method involves using a program called “Instacheck Hotspot” to intercept the data packets that Pokémon X/Y sends over the internet when trading with someone. It doesn’t work with GTS as that data is encrypted, but when trading with friends or over wonder trade the data packets that the game sends house some very important information. Part of that information is a “Shiny Value” which both a trainer and pokémon have. If the Shiny Values of the trainer and pokémon match then the pokémon will be a shiny. So how does this help you get a shiny? Well using “Instacheck Hotspot” players around in the Pokémon community have begun to compile a database of trainers and their Shiny Values. Luckily  Instacheck Hotspot works with eggs as well, so trade an egg to see its “Shiny Value” (along with other stats) then find a fellow trainer with the same “shiny value” trade them the egg and have them hatch it and voila you have the shiny Pokémon you always wanted.

If interested, which I’m sure many of you are, check out the threads at NeoGAF or Smogon for more information and for links to the program.