EA Working On Fix To Battlefield 4 PS4 Problems

As you may well know by now, Sony’s PS4 launched this past Friday.  The new console came with a plethora of 1st and 3rd party titles to show-off just what next-gen is all about.  Perhaps one of the most anticipated game of the 3rd party releases was Battlefield 4, which promised to finally bring the full Battlefield experience to consoles.  However, as you may have read, we’re having trouble getting the game to work and have encountered numerous errors that involve save data being deleted and certain multiplayer modes being unplayable.

However, it isn’t just us that is having these problems.  EA has acknowledged that there are stability problems with the PS4 version and are working to have a fix out soon.  “We are aware of the frequent crashes in Battlefield 4 on PlayStation 4,” an EA rep posted on Battlelog.  “We are hard at work identifying these issues and are hoping to get a game update out early next week. Stay tuned for more details as we can confirm them, and thanks for your patience!”

He also noted that new updates are on their way for the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game.  Strangely, no update is coming for the PS3.

Battlefield 4 will also be a launch title for Xbox One, which launches this Friday.  Hopefully those who pick up the game will not suffer the same problems PS4 users had to deal with.

Look for our next-gen review of Battlefield 4 sometime this week.