Guerrilla Games Adds Official Team Deathmatch Warzone to Killzone: Shadow Fall

Guerrilla Games has listened to their fans and they have delivered.  The team who just recently release Killzone: Shadow Fall has released an official Team Deathmatch Warzone.  All official Warzones have included Team Deathmatch alongside other game modes like Search and Destroy and Capture the Flag.  This Warzone will be pure Team Deathmatch for 24 players to enjoy.

“By popular request, we’ve added 24-player Team Deathmatch to the official Warzones,” tweeted Guerrilla.  “Give it a spin and let us know what you think!”  They also confirmed that they are working on adding clan support and will Tweet us when they a release date for that support.

Killzone: Shadow Fall launched November 15 alongside the PS4 as the blockbuster exclusive launch title.  Critical reception has been mixed, but we here at Hardcore Gamer found that game to be quite good.  The multiplayer was quite engrossing with its use of Warzones that drive player created-content.  What all critics can agree on is that game is absolutely gorgeous and a testament to the potential of the PS4.

Killzone: Shadow Fall is out now in North America.  The game launches November 29 in Europe and Latin America alongside the PS4.