Half-Life Celebrates its 15th Anniversary Today

It seems like just yesterday we we discovering the joys of Valve thanks to Half-Life, but it has indeed been fifteen years since the game was released upon the unsuspecting masses. Released on November 19 1998, Half-Life was Valve’s first game and led to, well, world domination. Developed by former Microsoft employees (and then Gearbox three years later on PS2), it failed to gain traction until Sierra Entertainment picked it up for distribution. The game heavily modified id Software’s Quake engine to become the template for modern shooters. Still influential years after its initial release, it’s gone on to sell more than nine million copies. The release was followed by Half-Life 2 in 2004 and Half-Life 3 in 2014. Right? Gabe? Please!?

So happy birthday, Half-Life. You’re now old enough to be sassing Valve and just think: if not for you, we would have never have had Steam. And without Steam, we would never have been able to accrue hundreds of games that we’ll never play.