White Ouya Arriving Just In Time For The Holidays

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One aren’t the only consoles that launched this year.  Back in the Summer Ouya launched to a muted reception.  The Android-based console is still trying to carve out a bit of market share and is aiming at budget consumers and those fed up with huge-name publishers like EA and Activision running the industry.

Hoping to increase sales and garner attention the Ouya team has announced a Limited Edition White Console.  This new bundle comes with everything the original black model came with; the Ouya console, wireless controller, an HDMI cable, two AA batteries and a power adapter.  It contains the same NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-Core Processor, 1GB of RAM and all additional technical specs of the original model.  So the only difference is the change in color.

The console is available for pre-order now at the official Ouya site.  The price for this unit is now $129.99, up from the black model’s $99.99 price tag.  Extra controllers will still set you back $49.99.