Conception II Announced by Atlus

It was less than a week ago that Atlus teased gamers with an odd new site. This page drew a lot of attention due to featuring a picture of an ultrasound. Fans were excited and debated on what the strange page meant, coming up with a host of possible titles.

There’s no longer a need to guess as Atlus has announced their latest game as Conception II: Children of the Stars.  So why is the series called “Conception”? For the most part, it is a standard RPG except in regards to how you fight enemies. The player must create new warriors to use in battle and these come about thanks to magical procreation. Spike Chunsoft’s Conception II is certainly unique.

Atlus is set to bring Conception II: Children of the Stars to 3DS and Vita in Spring 2014 for $40. At the moment, it isn’t known whether this is release will hit retail or be digital–only.