Respawn Entertainment Partnering with K’NEX for Special Titanfall Line

Microsoft is really trying to make Titanfall a huge thing. Beginning with the collector’s edition, we knew there would be a ton of merchandising, but we have to concede that we didn’t see K’NEX coming. Respawn Entertainment and K’NEX have partnered to create a line of building toys based on Titanfall.

“Titanfall Building Sets from K’NEX will bring the exciting worlds to life in a new way,” said Michael Araten, President and CEO of K’NEX Brands. “Gamers and builders of all ages will have the opportunity to build the Titanfall Frontier right in their own homes. I can’t wait to see how fans will take their digital game skills and use them in the real world!” exclaimed Araten.

No word on what the sets will look like, but they will include elements like Pilots, Titans, Spectres and more from the game. The first glimpse will be a sneak peak of them at the upcoming NY Toy Fair.

The sets were designed for builders ages 8 and up, which is the perfect demographic for a Mature-rated game. But then again, we suppose there are Halo Mega Blocks…