The PS4 Cost About $380 to Build

There’s a select group of people that enjoy destroying a new console for the rush. They’ll break it apart piece by piece as their pants tighten and droplets of sweat begin to form across their foreheads. Some people simply do it for the views on Youtube, while others do it for the twisted kicks, watching as it melts in their radioactive robot chamber thingy. However, there are a few that tear down consoles for informative and less sadistic purposes, like the folks at IHS, and according to their recent report, the PlayStation 4 cost around $380 to put together.

If you were one of the lucky people that could afford a PlayStation 3 at launch, you remember that it had a retail price of around $600. While this baffling cost slowed its sales significantly and allowed Microsoft to dominate with their less-expensive Xbox 360 for years, the fact is that the PS3 was a steal considering its build-cost was over $800. Not only did Sony sell fewer consoles until their price-drop, but they were selling them at a massive loss. Now, with the PlayStation 4 off to a great start, Sony is likely earning a small profit, or at least breaking closer to even than ever before.