TowerFall for the OUYA Now Available on the Humble Store

Well, this is quite the surprise. The OUYA-exclusive TowerFall is now available for purchase on the Humble Store. This marks the first console release available in the Humble Store, and it’s marked by taking $5 off its price – bringing it to a mere $10. TowerFall is an outstanding multiplayer-centric action-platformer and easily one of the system’s best titles. If you don’t have an OUYA, but have a PS4…that works… you can look forward to playing an expanded version of it next year. Unfortunately, that version will likely lack a free-to-try component, something that has helped the OUYA stand out from other consoles (although to be fair, the Xbox Live marketplace does still require every XBLA game to have a free trial). At $10, this is a great deal and it likely won’t be any cheaper since launch week sales are game-by-game on the OUYA, and this game’s launch has long since passed.