Twitch Streaming Not Available for Xbox One Launch

The PlayStation 4 launch brought about a massive new audience to thanks to built–in streaming and video watching functions. The Xbox One is also set to have these features, but with a handful of differences. Microsoft posted a handful of new information about Twitch on Xbox One today, ranging from cost of the service to Microsoft–exclusive features.

First is the fact that an Xbox Live Gold Subscription is required to watch streaming content. This is because their app includes Snap mode, which allows players to access all of Twitch at the same time they are doing something else. For example, a user can be playing a game and then call up a stream at the same time for some serious multitasking. There will also be ten achievements available for just watching Twitch content.

But what of the ability to stream your own games? Many have been excitedly waiting for it, but they’ll have to wait a little longer. This functionality will not be available at launch. Microsoft currently expects to bring Twitch streaming to Xbox One “during the first part of 2014”.