Fans Select Racy New Box Art for The Witch and the Hundred Knight

Instead of arbitrarily selecting box art by pinning all the choices to a wall and throwing darts at them (as we assume box art is chosen), NIS America decided to let fans select which art they’d like to see The Witch and the Hundred Knight boast when it makes its way stateside. Four options were given: cutesy, funny, cartoony and sensual. Can you guess which won? With 1852 votes, more than four hundred than the next selection, it’s sensual.

The box art features Metallia eating… a skewer of jack-o’-lanterns…with her cleavage exposed and legs spread open. And here you thought the funny one had a chance.

The fan-selected box art will appear as reversible cover art of the official art. The runner-up of the contest will appear as the art on the back of the box.