Have Work/School on Xbox One Launch Day? Microsoft Has You Covered… Sort Of

Unfortunately, us hard-working universe-savers and zombie-killers typically have to schedule our hero-ing around “more important” engagements. Whether it be work, school, or a social commitment that’s getting in the way of you spending the entirety of November 22nd playing the Xbox One, Microsoft has your back… sort of. Xbox Live members were recently emailed a link to a “Doctor’s Note” that may very well get them out of previously-arranged commitments. Maybe not in the way they’d like, but either way, they might get a bit of extra time with their Xbox One.

The humorous note has a few customizable sections; would-be patients can decide they’ve been “diagnosed” with anything from the “Zombie Flu”, to “Roman Rage.” The note, of course, recommends that lots of Xbox One playing is the sole cure for whichever ailment one decides they have.

It’s a silly fun little note, but I’m genuinely curious to see if anyone decides to use it, and ends up with lots of free time to play Xbox One; if you catch my drift.

The Xbox One will hit store shelves on November 22nd.