Square Enix to Release a New Christmas Album Later this Month

If it slipped past your radar back in 2010, then it may come as a surprise that Square Enix is in the business of making Christmas albums. While the first album was something of a mess, Square’s vowing to deliver a more refined aural experience with a forthcoming sequel installment that is reportedly put together with fan feedback in mind. This second volume will follow suit in terms of composers arranging certain video game songs to the tune of holiday ditties.

A host of Square Enix composers will be contributing to the project, with names such as Junya Nakano, Yuzo Koshiro and Kenichiro Fukui leading the charge. Thus far, we know that remixed tracks from Final Fantasy IV, Chrono Trigger and an unannounced Mana title have made the cut. Considering the fact that we are getting a Christmas rendition of one of FFVI’s most coveted tracks, “Rydia,” means this album is a must-buy for fans just knowing that little bit of information.

X’mas Collection II releases on November 27, 2013 — that’s in just a few weeks, people! Interested purchasers can order the compilation from CD Japan for the low price of only 22 bones! Say whaaaat?! Yep, $22 will net you this bad boy. No doubt that this will for sure to look sweet on anyone’s collectors shelf.