Valve Publishes Steam In-Home Streaming Q & A

It has been a huge year for Valve. Perhaps the biggest news they revealed this year is their decision to jump into hardware with Steam Machines as well as a brand new PC gamepad. Recently, they also opened an official group titled Steam In-Home Streaming. Joining the group puts you into the pool of possible beta participants for this upcoming service.

Today, a handful of questions and answers were posted on the group’s forum. The brief Q & A session addressed five of the most common questions and concerns. Perhaps the most obvious announcement is the fact that Steam In-Home Streaming is meant to be contained within a home network. It’s not optimized for internet play and therefore won’t function across multiple networks.

Valve also revealed that while In-Home Streaming is in use, the host computer will be inoperable. This is because of the way streaming is being handled. The host computer receives input from the streaming user so anyone trying to use the host machine would interfere with said input. Finally, Steam In-Home Streaming will be freely available to all users once the beta period ends. In the meantime, members of the group will be randomly selected to gain beta access later this year.