DICE Committed to Fixing Battlefield 4 Glitches, Will Hold Player Appreciation Week to Help Make up for Them

While the game of Battlefield 4 itself is a resounding success, it’s been unfortunately plagued with numerous issues, especially on the PS4, leading us to hold off on our review. As millions of people are playing the game across five platforms, DICE is committed to resolving the issues and has assigned the entire team to work on stabilizing it before moving onto other projects.

In the meantime, DICE will hold a player appreciation week from November 28 through December 5 where all players will be rewarded with double XP for every multiplayer match they complete. This is in an effort to help players regain the XP they may have lost. At the end of the week, players that log in to the game will receive a free M1911 pistol scope, previously reserved for DICE developers.