Man Attempts to Enter Xbox One Launch Party Dressed like a DualShock 4

We weren’t all too impressed with last night’s Xbox One party, but seeing this three minute clip almost makes it all worthwhile. A Japanese YouTuber made a DualShock 4 costume (which may be the most impressive part) and tried his luck getting into the Xbox One launch party. With a camera strapped to his shoulder…button…he gets to the entrance only to be turned away by security for not having a badge. After being stopped on the sidewalk by two fans who think the costume is hilarious, one of them gives him his official badge to see if he can get in. He gets right up to the door, but is turned away by the final security guard who questions who gave it to him and says the badge needs to belong to him.

So there was *almost* a DualShock 4 at the Xbox One launch party, but unfortunately, security was crafty enough to know it was a bad idea. Still, seeing a group of people decked out in Xbox One gear dancing around with him at the end is worth the price of admission alone.