Now For Sale: The Xbox One’s “Day One” Achievement

When it was first announced, the idea of an Achievement made to commemorate the launch of the console was a pretty neat idea. Sure, it’s just a few ones and zeros added to an early-adopter’s profile, but it’s a neat way to show that you were one of the first people to purchase an Xbox One. Or a neat way to show you’re silly enough to buy an Achievement on Ebay.

Kotaku┬árecently reported that buyers of the “Day One” Edition of the Xbox One have already started selling-off one of their only claims to being an early adopter. But silliest of all, people are buying them. As you can see from browsing “Day One Achievement” listings on Ebay, there are a number of listings for $30 that already have bids on them. Also, there are a fair amount of sellers who have foolishly pictured the Achievement’s QR code, which Kinect 2.0 can read; so that will likely spawn a mess.

It’s odd, I expected the Achievement to be on the Day One Edition’s hard drive or something, not be unlocked via code input. Oh well, it was a nice idea. But it looks like the special achievement wont be exclusive to early-adopters after all.