Sony Gives Away Select PS1 Games on PS3 Home

With everyone in next gen mode in some form, it’s easy to forget about how games have been in the past. At least that’s what tends to happen when we’re all playing our new shiny things to justify the cost in our heads. Sony is rewarding PS3 owners by not only doing something with the Home feature – you know, that thing you used on day one if you had no games to play. If you log onto Home and then go to the PS4 Hub, you’ll get to a little lounge area. After waiting what seems like eons for things to download, you’ll see a giant Vita in the center, a PS1 off to the right, a gigantic Knack statue up top, and random assortments of chairs and such.


Going up to the Vita brings up The Quest For Greatness. This quest basically just involves going through the area looking for cards. Sometimes, you’ll just get virtual items involving PS history – like a PS1 pad. Other times, YOU’LL GET FREE PS1 GAMES. And they aren’t crap ones either – Twisted Metal, Destruction Derby, and Warhawk are the three games available via this promotion. It should only take you a few minutes to find everything, and doing so nets you three pretty good games in PSN form. Twisted Metal was originally the reason I was super-excited about the console, while Destruction Derby was my first purchase for it. I never got around to buying Warhawk, so this promotion’s a great way to play that free – albeit with a PS3 pad instead of a PS1 one. It may not seem like a big issue, but the L2/R2 change is pretty dramatic, and makes me glad that I have a PS2 pad converter for the PS3 for things like this. It’s also pretty cool that this setup allows you to get the games not only for free, but on the PSP, PS3, and Vita. While it’s a minor shame the promotion’s only for three games, it’s easy to imagine Sony expanding it to other games like Wipeout or maybe God willing some PS2 stuff. The idea of Fire Pro Wrestling Returns being able to be enjoyed by people for free and expose the series to even more fans has me salivating at the possiblities.