Corrinne Yu Leaves Microsoft For Naughty Dog

Corrinne Yu has just left 343 Industries to join Naughty Dog as their PlayStation 4 graphics coder. For those of you out there scratching your head as to why we’re reporting on employee turnover, this is actually a pretty huge get by Naughty Dog, and a pretty big loss for 343 Industries and Microsoft. Were you one of the bajillion of people to play Halo 4 and be blown away by its incredible visuals? You primarily have this woman to thank for that, as she was that game’s principle engine architect and is frequently credited as being one of the main reasons it looks so outstanding. She might be new to Naughty Dog, but she’s already enjoying her new position if her recent tweets are any indication.


I think everyone that can get away from Windows 8 does a little celebratory jig, regardless of how good they are with computers. Considering the Uncharted series already looked amazing, I can only assume the new Uncharted game for the PS4 will end up being more realistic than reality, causing the very fabric of existence to fold in on itself after being unable to distinguish the two. Enjoy your next gen systems while you still can, before Naughty Dog and Corrinne Yu break graphics forever.