Apple Buys Original Kinect Company PrimeSense

Don’t worry, “Kinect Company” isn’t a motion-controlled office management game for the Xbox One, although how great would that be? You begin the adventure as a secretary by making a lot of pouring and stirring motions, climbing the ranks to more mail room related movements, such as shuffling paper and double checking an assortment of documents, and finally doing nothing but shaking your head at lazy virtual subordinates. Okay, that sounds awful, but it would probably still be better than Fighter Within.

What was in fact confirmed earlier today was Apple’s acquisition of PrimeSense, the company behind the original Microsoft motion-sensor. As noted by BBC News, this purchase is happening during the uprising of gesture and motion based control, and is likely an attempt by Apple to keep with the times and offer such features on future devices — something that is costing the company $360 million dollars.

An Apple spokesman explained that the company doesn’t discuss their plans when such purchases occur, but we at Hardcore Gamer say it’s safe to assume that we’ll have another motion controlled device to ignore soon enough. Personally, I can’t wait to play Angry Birds without touching my phone — unless it involves using a DualShock 4.