‘Don’t Starve’ Chester Plushie Kickstarter Has Raised Over $40,000 in Less than a Day

Chester is a mobile chest in Klei’s fantastic survival sandbox Don’t Starve, and judging by the take of today’s Kickstarter campaign he’s got some highly enthusiastic fans.  Launching around noon today, the Kickstarter cleared its goal in roughly an hour, and at this point has almost tripled the initial $15,000 target.  Apparently it’s almost impossible to resist the call of such a cute and bizarre plushie.


Chester is going to be a pretty handy stuffie, judging from current plans.  He’s 9 inches wide and 11 inches wide, but hollow on the inside to store all the terrible things you find while walking through the wilderness.  A little space is taken up by the stuffed eyebone used to summon him, but that’s a reasonable sacrifice for his helpful companionship.  At this point the Kickstarter has moved from being about funding the production to knowing how many to produce, and has even cleared its first stretch goal.  There’s plenty more stretch goals to go, but really, isn’t having a plushie Chester to call your own reward enough?