Fans Petition For Original Bayonetta On Wii U

There’s pretty much no way that Bayonetta 2 is coming to PS4, Xbox One, PS3 or Xbox 360.  No matter how many petitions fans make, threats Platinum Games gets or boycotts they receive there is just no way this game is not a Wii U exclusive.  Nintendo is publishing and fully funding the development.  So what are fans doing now?  Another petition, but to bring the original game to the Wii U.

This petition was inspired when Hideki Kamiya, creative director at Platinum Games tweeted when as fan asked if it was possible to bring the original game to the Wii U.  He said that the studio can do that.  Kamiya then answered with another tweet saying that, “For the ppl who haven’t played Bayo1 yet but want to play Bayo2, I think it’s good idea to release Bayo1 before Bayo2. I hope that’ll happen.”  Thus began Operation Dead Angels‘ attempt to bring the original game to the platform where the sequel will launch.

Bayonetta launched in 2010 on the PS3 and Xbox 360 to strong reviews, at least for the Xbox 360 version.  The PS3 version of Bayonetta ended up being a pretty bad port that suffered from long loading times and framerate issues.  No version of the game ended up on a Nintendo platform as the Wii was significantly underpowered.  Much frustration over Bayonetta 2 releasing on the Wii U exclusively is the fact that the original game was not on the platform.  Porting it over would negate that criticism.

Best of luck to Operation Dead Angels!