iBuyPower Shows Off its Steam Machines Prototype

Ah, I remember iBuyPower. I bought a gaming laptop from them in 2006 because I didn’t know how to build one myself and thought it’d be awesome to have a computer with a samurai girl printed on it. Then I got it and found out it was a sticker. Then I realized that nobody would take anybody with a samurai girl sticker on their laptop seriously, so I peeled it off only to have horrible remnants of sticker residue everywhere, making it look like I couldn’t afford a good laptop. We have a history together.

Expectedly, the company will make a bid at the upcoming Steam Machines market and has shown off their prototype. The company has two models, codenamed Gordon and Freeman, in the works — identical besides one is clear with a light bar and one is not illuminated and black. No specs have been shared, but it will be able to run Steam titles at 1080p at 60fps.

Check out Engadget for all the pictures.