Valve Introduces Steam Reviews Beta

If you use Steam regularly, then you’re probably already aware of the multiple ways that friends and strangers can write reviews of games for others to see. For example, friends can write “recommendations” which appear if you check out a game’s store page. Then there is the Steam Community attached to each game where members may post threads with their opinions.

Now there are Steam Reviews, which is currently in beta. They supersede the recommendations feature and have in fact transferred all previous recommendations into full-fledged reviews. In order to write a review, users must have previously launched the game in question. However, there is no discrimination between users who only played during a Free Weekend or via Family Sharing.

The reviews will not generate an overarching score – at least not yet. Valve is aware of how many games get updated over time so they want to approach the concept of scoring carefully. Developers may not delete negative reviews, unless they are deemed to be abusive or offensive. Anyone looking at reviews can vote them up or down, which will change the reviews that are displayed first.

Steam Reviews can be written by anyone so feel free to write some up or simply browse the opinions of others.