Yu Suzuki to Give Post-Mortem Shenmue Talk at GDC 2014

We can’t hide it. Here at Hardcore Gamer, we love Shenmue. It was not only one of our favorite Dreamcast titles, but its sequel was also one of our most coveted original Xbox games. While Shenmue was met by divided reception upon its initial release, it’s nevertheless garnered a large following since — so much so that even Sony is talking about developing Shenmue 3, thanks to rabid fan feedback. There have been multiple online petitions, asking for a final game in the planned trilogy, along with constant Twitter rallies designed to barrage Sega and other studios with pleads to develop the long-awaited RPG. Thus, when it was revealed today that Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki would be holding a post-mortem Shenmue panel at GDC next May, the interwebs lit up with unbridled excitement.

Gamasutra broke the news earlier this afternoon, and stated that Suzuki‚Äôs discussion will be translated by Mark Cerny — you know, the lead system architect for the PS4, and the guy behind Knack. (We try to forget that latter bit, though.) During his hour-long talk, Yu will outline the origins of Shenmue as a roleplaying game based on the Virtua Fighter series, while also discussing why his studio decided to move the original game from the Sega Saturn platform to the Dreamcast.

It’s interesting to hear that Cerny will be the one translating for Suzuki. We say that because of the aforesaid remarks Sony has made about the possibility of developing Shenmue 3. The two coming together for the post-mortem panel may just be coincidence and nothing else… But we have a sneaking suspicion that it may, in fact, be a little more than mere happenstance.