Autumn Steam Sale Begins

Winter is upon is and that brings with it the Steam autumn sale. This sale runs from November 27 through December 3, with the on-sale games changing each day. The Walking Dead goes from $25 down to $6.24, Terraria goes from $10 to $2.50,┬áSleeping Dogs goes from $25 down to an insane $5 – with the DLC also getting an 80% discount taking it to $11 and Rogue Legacy gets its biggest savings yet as it’s down to $5 from $15. Prison Architect goes from $30 to $15 – but it’s still in Alpha, so keep that in mind. Outlast is a shade under $7, down from $20. Left 4 Dead 2 is a mere $4, with a four pack down to $15 and a bundle with both L4D games available for $7.50. Antichamber goes from $20 down to $5, while Skyrim will only set you back $7.50 instead of $30 for the base game, or you can get the Legendary Edition for $20.