Five Video Game Holiday Party Dates

So it’s just about that time of year. It’s time to hit up holiday parties, get-togethers, and other meet-ups that a date is appropriate for. But whoever would you take? Real-world people are totally lame, right? What about a video game character? I’ve got your back. These selections may not exactly be the safest choices, but they could liven up any party where the highlight is football and a full stomach. If you could choose any of these dates, I’m willing to bet your holidays light up pretty quickly.

Dante, Devil May Cry


Rugged looks, that boyish charm, that enormous sword — what’s not to like about any incarnation of Dante? He may not be “meet the parents” material but think of the party tricks he can surprise everyone with. We’d take those over Uncle Joe’s weird fishing stories any day. You weren’t actually planning on listening to those, were you? Didn’t think so.

Rosalina, Super Mario Galaxy


The elegant Rosalina of Super Mario Galaxy fame sports a figure-hugging aqua dress, a fashion-forward hairstyle, and a “shining” personality. With her wand as a magical accessory, Rosalina takes the cake as an exemplary party date, with style and substance. Plus, she’s got the Lumas watching over her should things get a little crazy or someone get a little grabby. Don’t let your family get that drunk. It’s weird.

Leon Kennedy, Resident Evil 4


Pretty boy hair, weapons training, experience, plus he rocks a suit and Chicago Typewriter like no one’s business. If zombies decide they’re finally going to rise and destroy our Thanksgiving or holiday parties, Leon’s also going to be the escort you want on your arm. You saw how he had to take care of Ashley, and that was one hopeless cause.

Lara Croft, Tomb Raider


Rugged adventurer and all-around badass, Lara has the brains and skills to make both of you comfortable and happy during awkward family gatherings or the optional shopping that inevitably happens afterward. Plus, she looks ravishing even in a ponytail and tattered, beaten up clothing after an epic sojourn through a dangerous island.

Nathan Drake, Uncharted

The quintessential ladies’ man looks like stepped off the pages of the latest wilderness gear catalogue. And Nolan North gives him pipes of gossamer. Imagine how great he’d look at your side as your date. Ladies? Fellas? Look no further. What do you have to be thankful for this year? Mr. Drake, duh.